“Champions of the Faith and true lights of the world”…these were the words of Pope Honorius III describing a new religious order with their humble founder, Domingo de Guzmán. This band of preachers, under the special patronage of our Lady, was given a mandate by the Church to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  We have been preaching for 800 years! (Province Jubilee website)
official studentate photo

Official Studentate Photo 2016-17 – Dominican House of Studies

+ Welcome to the vocation office of the Eastern Dominican Province +

(short bios of the men accepted for the 2016 novitiate class; these men are now Dominican novices – see the vestition photos)

In every age of challenge and crisis, the Lord has never abandoned His Church. St. Dominic’s mission, to preach the Gospel for the salvation of souls, is just as urgent today as it was 800 years ago. We are the Order of Friars Preachers and we work to bring God to men and men to God – hardly a small task.

Many people ask us, why are the Dominicans getting so many vocations?  Part of the answer can be found in the Church’s official teaching on consecrated religious life:  “The fraternal life is itself prophetic in a society which, sometimes without realizing it, has a profound yearning for a brotherhood which knows no borders” (Vita Consecrata § 85.1)   The over 6,000 friars from every corner of the world, are bound together in the way of St. Dominic. Won’t you join us?

My name is Fr. Benedict Croell OP and I am the Director of Vocations at the Dominican House of Studies in our Nation’s capital, located just across the street from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and The Catholic University of America. You will find significant resources and news about the Dominican Province of St. Joseph if you CLICK HERE.

*If you are interested in any kind of regular communication with me, I do require you to add your contact information HEREand then confirm the form submission via your personal email.  

To receive info about the work of our friars, I also would suggest that you subscribe to receive the Dominican Daily updates providing news from our provincial and student friar websites. These updates are not from our vocation office, but will help you to get to know our province.

Our Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, located within our House of Studies, provides the initial intellectual formation for our friars. Our Master of Students recently did an interview outlining the particular strengths of our seminary with Regina Magazine.

You probably are looking for some practical advice of what you could be doing to prepare yourself to possibly enter the Order of Preachers. I would suggest you check out this document in particular. These guidelines will assist you regardless of where you ultimately end up going. Or perhaps you want to know how our formation process works or how you might go about visiting some of the houses of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph.

Within our Order there are cooperator brothers and priests. All Dominican friars, both ordained and non-ordained, are first and foremost consecrated religious bound together as “friars” (brothers) by our common religious profession.

2016-17 Friars in Formation

FRIARS IN FORMATION (EASTERN PROVINCE) Click 2x to see detail view

You may have heard we are having a vocations boom. In gratitude to God, we have over 65 friars in formation for our province (over 100 are in formation for the 4 US provinces). This talk by His Excellency, Archbishop J. Augustine DiNoia OP might be the best description of why. A couple of years back I did an interview talking about that found here. Another interview with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) can be found here. Finally  another friar and I recently wrote an article for a new organization that is promoting men’s religious life that you will find here.

The best way to learn the most about the charism of the Order of Preachers would be to make a “Come & See” vocation weekend with us and meet the 100+ friars who live in our two formation houses: the Dominican House of Studies (next to Catholic University of America) and St. Dominic Priory (downtown).

Add my cell phone to your contacts now: 202-642-3597 and our toll-free number:  800-529-1205 (also rings my cell). Know of our prayers for you as you take this important step in your life!

May our Lord draw you close to His heart as you consider your response to His generosity. We entrust you to Our Lady of the Rosary and our Holy Father, St. Dominic.

in Christ,

Fr. Benedict Croell OP

P.S. Check out our popular vocation video, “Leaving All Things Behind”


Just recently, some of our student friars were on EWTN’s Life on the Rock

(short bios of the men accepted for the 2016 novitiate class)