The Life of St. Dominic

This legend of St. Dominic was compiled by Br. Gerard de Frechet at the request of the fifth Master of the Order, Bl. Humbert of Romans. It dates from 1255-1257.

Neither Blue nor Gray – Dominican Chaplains in the Civil War

Two soldiers at a 50th Gettysburg reunion – Smithsonian The Province of St. Joseph has been blessed with many military chaplains in its history, most recently Fr. Edward Gorman, OP and Fr. Joseph Scordo, OP both having served… Read More

Saints in the Way of St. Dominic

In our aspirancy guidelines to assist you to prepare yourself to possibly enter novitiate, we recommend that you get to know our older brothers and sisters who walked in the way of our holy father St. Dominic. These are… Read More

Exaltation of the Cross

September 14 marks the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, also known as the Triumph of the Cross.  In Dominican history, this day marked a shift from the relaxation of the summer months to a more strenuous… Read More

To Die Like a Dominican

One of the jokes that often get told in Dominican circles concerns what is termed “the Good Life.” We say that the good life consists in three things: To live like a Jesuit, dine like a Franciscan, and… Read More

Dominican Saints 101: Holy Father Augustine

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Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (Ann Arbor)

Recently I posted about the trip our novices made down to Tennessee.   Today, the popular blog, Dominican History (click on image) posted a story of the Ann Arbor Dominican Sisters’ arrival to their new foundation in Austin,… Read More