“Champions of the Faith and true lights of the world”…these were the words of Pope Honorius III describing a new religious order with their humble founder, Domingo de Guzmán. This band of preachers, under the special patronage of our Lady, was given a mandate by the Church to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  We have been preaching for 800 years! (Province Jubilee website)
student friars 2015-16

Student Friars of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph 2015-16

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Come & See Vocation Weekends

NEXT VOCATION WEEKEND: September 16-18, 2016 – No matter where you ultimately go to serve the Lord, our vocation weekends are an excellent opportunity to learn more about religious life in general. These weekends are the fastest way to concretely learn a lot about the Order of Preachers (and our province) in a very short period of time.

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